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You are a Healthcare Manufacturer and are looking for a partner to enter the German or Middle East Healthcare Market?

You are looking for any medical product with high quality of the German and American market?

Our Techna- DEM a “Dynamic Experienced Management” Team provides you the solution for your Need. Talk to us!

“50-years acting as a Service Provider and Sales Expert in the German market enable us to provide comprehensive Sales Solution and Services.”



 Ï¬+åϦ+è+äThe German Healthcare

As mentioned in “” article: [Source: AT Kearney] “Given the demographic development in Germany, the growing health awareness of the population and the increasing challenges to the Medical supplies , the Sales and Profits in the Healthcare Industry continues to grow…”

The German Healthcare market is an attractive one for companies, but at the same time a difficult and complex one, too. Its strong potential provides huge possibilities and is of great importance for the Manufacturers.

Techna-DEM – an experienced and expert Partner in Sales and Marketing will take care of everything you need to launch a new product and enter in a high potential market, as Germany, everything from a single source.



   Our Services

images (14)Sales & Marketing

Techna-DEM team provides the following services

We investigate the market potential of your product and set a sales strategy how to increase the sales in the wished area.

Our marketing and sales team will set a sales strategy according to the potential plan in the several areas in Germany.

As a result of our long year experience of sales and service due to the reputation of our excellent Support and training of our customers.



images (2)Commercial License CE Marks

In order to place a new medical product on the European market, manufacturer has to fulfil certain regulations and obligations.

This applies to any company in Europe as well as in Non-EU companies.

We can assist you in the CE certification and registration for the German and European market, your commercial License can be made recognized in Germany.

If your product does not have the commercial License in Europe, we can assist you in the CE certification and registration for the German and European market.

Your advantage is one single contact for all questions, your partner on location taking care of any details relating to your product; starting from Licensing to CE certification, from a potential plan to sales strategy, from consulting to sales, from customer support and follow up to trustful relationship to customer and all the way to storage and settle invoicing.

“Your customers ‘ opinion and satisfaction are our highest priority follow-up communication with them.”