Our wet wipes, made to our company in Germany under European specifications,

And we print them in the Arabic language because we are targeting the Middle East and North Africa markets.1

Currently we have implemented the first two types of wet wipes, first without perfume, and the second with aloe vera fragrance.

With the possibility of following perfume manufacturing: camellias, roses, olive oil, lilac, or any perfume else you want.

Please note: The number of wet wipes is 80 pieces and not 72 pieces.2

We also manufactures two types of wet wipes inside the packages:

1 – good quality 80 pieces

2 excellent -High 80 pieces

Packaging Information:
Package: 80 pieces
Carton: 20 packets
Pallet: 128 cartons
Dimensions Pallets CHEP
120 * 110
Container: 40 ft with 40000 Packaging .
Weight of the container:
14430 kg Net
Wet wipes:
– alcohol-free.
– do not cause allergies.
– soft.