We are a group of two companies Techna-DEM and Technamation, both of them based in Germany. We have offices and contacts in many countries around the world: in Netherlands, United States of America, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

Techna-DEM GmbH was founded in 2011 under the name XALEVO as a sub company of Technamation Deutschland, which exists since 1965.

In 2015 XALEVO was renamed Techna-DEM to be compatible with the new additional division “Medical”.

A special sales team has been set for this area in Germany and Middle East. This team is able to work out sales strategies for your products, this includes excellent consulting and customer care, training in the handling of medical devices as well as delivering the necessary tools to establish a healthy and long-term relationship to the customer.

“50-years acting as a service provider and sales expert in the German market enable us to provide comprehensive sales solution and services.”

The two divisions “Sales of medical devices & Sales of industrial products” have two specialized teams in Germany as well as in the Middle East.